Investment Planning

When it comes to investment planning the choice becomes yours.  Do I become a “do it yourself”, work with a broker/dealer who represents his company first, or do I work with an independent advisor whose focus is on me, rather than a commission?  At our Arise our focus is on you first!

For decades individual investors have been trying to beat the market by either actively managing their own portfolios or investing in actively managed mutual funds. In 1990 the Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to three economist for their contribution to the body of work known as Modern Portfolio Theory.  This theory presented every investor with a way to win the investment game without really trying by adopting the strategy known as passive asset class investing.  Like any game, consistently successful investing requires a successful strategy.  The Arise methodology is based on over forty years of research by the leading financial economists in the world which culminated in the awarding of the Nobel Prize in 1990.

As a comprehensive and independent wealth management firm, Arise has positioned itself to fully orchestrate each element of your overall financial plan to ensure that the various parts are working together in harmony. We coordinate all four disciplines, tax, accounting, insurance, and investment in your financial plan to produce optimal results. By providing objective guidance we can ensure your financial plan is positioned to help you reach your dreams and preserve your legacy for future generations.

  • Wealth enhancement
  • Wealth protection
  • Wealth transfer
  • Charitable planning


 “You’ll create the most successful integrated plan if you ‘begin with the end in mind’.”

~Steven Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People